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About Us

Welcome to My One Amor


We are #1 in marketing strategies for the dating and relationship industries including dating coaches, professional matchmakers, life coaches and relationship counseling companies.

We are located in Orlando Florida and have worked with over 100 dating and relationship companies worldwide.


My One Amor was founded on a totally different premise then the usual dating advice or social forums. We are sponsor and advertising free.

We have real people talking about real life events with just a couple of experts contributing. We tell it like it is, not what we think people want to hear.

We will be discussing the struggles and difficulties that people have overcome in their own words.

What this will always be is 100% real and straight talk about dating and relationships.

This in some ways will be an adventure or social experiment in what we all really want to know but may be afraid to ask or even think about.

Sit back and lets enjoy the journey together

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