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Growing Number Of Undocumented Illegal Immigrants Looking For Relationships

Growing number of undocumented illegal immigrants looking for relationships


Growing Number Of Undocumented Illegal Immigrants Looking For Relationships

Awhile back I wrote about dating someone looking for a green card. What appears to be happening now is a growing number of undocumented illegal immigrants looking for relationships on dating apps and sites.

There is always the thought that comes to mind of Russian bride websites or shows like 90 Day Fiancée of people looking for green cards. But what about the people looking for relationships that do not have legal immigration status ?

I mention this only because I have noticed a higher number of women who are on dating apps that are not here legally. How and why is this happening ? I have some thoughts and observations as to the how and why.

It starts with how they got into America in the first place. I am no immigration expert but have heard the story from enough women to form a pretty good picture of how the whole process works.

First how did they get here in the first place ? To my surprise, most of the countries friendly to the U.S. will grant people coming here a 6 month travel VISA. They just need to show that they still have a home in the country where they are coming from (they’re not just picking up and leaving) and they have somewhere to stay here in the U.S. Even the somewhere to stay is not that big of an issue, so I have been told. And that’s it, there here in America for 6 months.

As it turns out to apply for an additional 6 month extension is pretty much automatic so staying here for a year is pretty easy. But here’s the fine print.

You can’t work or get a drivers license. But even that is not an issue as many come with an international drivers license and there is plenty of cash work out so I have been told.

The other way they come in is with a student VISA which means they must attend school. This can be extended for years. The same issues apply with the work and drivers license but the same tricks are used to get around it. So why are there so many undocumented and illegals on dating apps. Its simple, they want a relationship.

What I keep hearing is “I don’t want to go back to my country and my VISA is about to or has expired”.

What comes to mind is why don’t they just go back to their countries for a while and return again legally. Well for starters, an illegal immigrant will not be able to get a VISA again and someone who has stayed on an extended travel VISA or student VISA may have to wait years to get another VISA again. So lots of reasons to just stay and become illegal.

I can tell you I have met and communicated with some really hot women and who do speak English well who are in these situations. Unfortunately, with so many women looking for relationships, its hard for all women so the number seems to be increasing. And that’s why there is a growing number of undocumented illegal immigrants looking for relationships on dating apps.

While I am not an ICE agent or really have a strong opinion one way or the other on immigration, it seems if people are trying to find illegals, they could check out the dating apps and sites to find plenty of them.

As far as the whole they’re just looking for a green card to stay in America, I think some do and some just want to be in a relationship. How you can tell which is a topic for another time.

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