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Important: Give Gratitude In Dating And Relationships

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Important: Give Gratitude In Dating And Relationships

During the Thanksgiving Day holiday we give thanks for the abundance in our lives. We sometimes say a prayer around our bountiful feast, and often have the opportunity to be in the presence of those we love. This is a wonderful tradition to uphold, yet there are so many times throughout the year when we can be thankful and express our appreciation, but we don’t.

Relationships tend to fail when couples take each other for granted. Each of the sexes have their own little quirks with respect to feeling as if they are being taken for granted, especially for what may seem trivial to their partner. The feeling of gratitude towards your sweetheart alone (not necessarily expressing it) is an indicator of how fulfilled you are in the relationship. With this in mind, consider those little moments when you can express your appreciation.

For women:

1. When he picks up the tab
2. When he cooks or grills for you
3. When he gets a haircut and wears nice cologne
4. When he works out or plays a sport to stay in shape
5. When he opens doors, pulls out chairs and walks you to your car
6. When he makes you feel desired
7. When he defends you
8. When he makes plans for you to spend time together
9. When he plays with the children
10. When he fixes anything, takes out the garbage and brings in the groceries

For men:

1. When she cooks for you
2. When she looks great
3. When she cleans up after you
4. When she buys you a gifts that you really need
5. When she makes you look good in front of your friends, family and coworkers
6. When she works just as hard as you and comes home and cooks or cleans
7. When she works out and stays in shape
8. When she handles your social calendar and reminds you to call your mom for her birthday
9. When she lovingly takes care of the children even when she’s exhausted so you can watch football
10. When she decorates and makes your space a loving home

If taking each other for granted is the poison, then gratitude may be the remedy! Be mindful of the little things and be sure to use the next opportunity to show your appreciation so that you bond and grow closer together!
Your challenge, should you choose to accept it… is to show your beloved your appreciation at least 7 times per day for the next 21 days.

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