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Matchmaker Review Sites Real Or Scams

Matchmaker Review Sites Real Or Scams
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Matchmaker Review Sites Real Or Scams

As with many things online there are lots of reviews. It seems we all check out the reviews of any product or service before purchasing. There are many referral sites for everything from restaurants to home improvement. So, it’s no surprise in the world of matchmaking that review sites are now popping up. So are these matchmaker review sites real or scams ?

We decided to take a look. We found 2 sites that are both run by matchmakers. One appeared very unbiased with reviews and another that was pretty tacky.

First off if you’re planning to run a review site it’s a good idea to actually have information about the company. And if you’re not able to get someone to pay for a review doesn’t mean they should be thrown under the bus. Imagine if YELP gave a negative review to every business that didn’t choose to buy an ad.

As with any review words like “unverified” or “not reviewed” can be interpreted as negative.

We found that the matchmaking company Vida Select has very tasteful reviews in major cities. They did utilize their review service to mention their own services which is totally ok.

However, this was not the case with Matchmaker Review. First off, they could spend a few dollars and actually get a website that looks like someone spent more than 10 minutes creating it. It was clear this site was all but punishing companies that were not part of their services. Some of these were well known matchmakers labeled with a huge block graphic “Unverified Listing”.

We found this to be very tasteless at best. So, we actually reached out via social media to the matchmaker who runs the site. We were upfront in our intention of running this story and she did not respond. Guess no surprise there.

The internet can be the wild west at times. When we seek the help of a review site one would hope that the information is fair. Clearly that is not the case with matchmakers.

Matchmaker Review Sites Real Or Scams

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