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The Truth About Why Many Matchmakers Are Now Struggling

The Truth About Why Many Matchmakers Are Now Struggling


The Truth About Why Many Matchmakers Are Now Struggling

With a booming economy and lots of people fed up with dating apps you would think the matchmaking business would be on fire. But for many, it’s the opposite. We are now going to reveal the truth about why many matchmakers are now struggling.

Before we get into all of that, you may ask how would we know what’s going on with the matchmaking business ? We’ll for starters our publisher is the #1 provider of marketing strategies to the dating and relationship industries. This includes over 100 matchmaking companies, from startups to the largest. So, they see the day to day changes in how the industry has evolved.

Matchmakers will say things like singles are lazy and don’t want to invest in their love lives. Or they’ll blame it on lack of honest information or even educating people on what a matchmaker does. That may be true in some cases but it’s not what has caused the shift in the market.

We’ve received emails and heard from some of the most well-known matchmakers who said that 2019 was one of their worst years.

So, the truth is that the market has changed dramatically. One of the biggest changes is the top speed dating companies have gone into the matchmaking business. We have written extensively about these companies in a 3-part speed dating expo in 2019.

Add to that the 2 household name companies, Its Just Lunch and Tawkify, who have turned the business into more like a commodity item.

Then add the dating apps themselves blurring the line with coaching services that can include matchmaker like services.

For the first time there is now multiple levels of competition on a large scale.

For the independent matchmaker the market has broken into 2 distinct segments. Targeting select high end clientele with the right strategy or positioning as a boutique hands on matchmaker. Unfortunately for the bigger companies these business models are not scalable, thus their slow down.

The good news is that the small matchmakers who use strategies like offering coaching as a lead in, are doing great. Our publisher reports that these companies, some are startups, are booming with the right marketing advice.

So, the key is how to get that message out and convert them into clients. And don’t make the classic mistakes ! Our publisher can definitely help !

Now that you’ve learned the truth about why many matchmakers are now struggling, what are you going to do to change it ? Send us an email at and we’ll get you help !

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