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The False Positive In Starting A New Relationship

The False Positive In Starting A New Relationship
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The False Positive In Starting A New Relationship

Today the words relationship and dating seem to have new meanings. When you meet someone new are you dating or are you starting a new relationship ? The term dating seems to imply seeing multiple people. And relationship means exclusive. But what about the false positive in starting a new relationship.

The coaches from Dating Coach Live have complied some interesting data from recent clients. The world has changed in dating and relationships. People who want a relationship don’t see themselves as dating but starting a new relationship. The word dating is something that they don’t like.

One of the biggest changes in today’s dating world is that relationships get serious quickly or end quickly. The ones that get serious seem to last. Gone are the days of taking lots of time to get to know someone before becoming intimate. People today know what they want and go for it. This may have a lot to do with a smaller number of serious men being available.

The data also now shows that there is a new trend in what we call false positives. In this case the couple absolutely hit it off then one of them just loses total interest.

Some false positive causes are:

  • Red flags start to appear.
  • A person is not attentive to the other person.
  • Conversations are all one sided.
  • People do not appear to be interested in each other’s day-to-day life
  • One person becomes overly critical or controlling of the other.

What happens is the couple do not talk about this and one just ends the relationship without much or any explanation. In the case of a dating app, their profile suddenly is unhidden. Or can be extreme like blocking your number.

In any case, the most important thing in any new relationship is communication. If there are compatibility issues, then talk about it and move on. You can’t change or control people.

Identifying the false positive in starting a new relationship will save you a lot of heartache and bad feelings.

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