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My One Amor Announces New Editor Heather Howard

My One Amor Announces New Editor Heather Howard


My One Amor Announces New Editor Heather Howard

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: My One Amor announces new Editor Heather Howard. Heather is a natural for this position. She has been providing dating and relationship advice through her blogs for over 10 years.

A native of New Jersey, she holds a BS degree in business and is also a Registered Nurse (RN). This combined experience brings a unique perspective. Heather has spent a good portion of her adult life in California where she helped clients in multiple countries.

One her specialties has been in the world of online dating. Her expertise in writing profiles, image consultation and first dates has helped many find love.

In the coming months she will be writing a series of articles dedicated to the challenges of dating apps. This will also include tips on how to handle new relationships.

As she says “many people don’t understand that everyone goes through a processing period after a first date. Even after what appears to be a great first date, people may decide to not see each other again.”

One of her other areas of expertise is in dating someone who has had a previous traumatic experience and suffers from PTSD. This is not always related to experience in the military. It can be related to loss of loved ones or sexual assault as a child.

My One Amor will be dedicating more articles to how to handle difficult relationships.

Many people ignore early red flags at the start of a relationship. These can ultimately lead to the failure of the relationship in time. People do have a tendency to hang in there too long when the relationship has failed.

Heather is also available as a Dating Coach on the Dating Coach Live platform. Anyone can schedule with an expert coach for a free 15 minute consultation. Heather will also be working with Love Boss Matchmaking.

My One Amor Announces New Editor Heather Howard.

She can be reached at

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