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Bumble May Be The Place For Unsure Women

Bumble May Be The Place For Unsure Women


Bumble May Be The Place For Unsure Women

I have been dating women online since 2013. I originally began on dating sites like POF and Match. I recently started using Bumble. Although women must send the first message, they can still express interest without a man liking them. It appears to me that Bumble may be the place for unsure women.

What do I mean when I say “Bumble is the place for unsure women” ?

Bumble has two main categories for women wanting to date. The choices are “Relationship” or “don’t know yet”. It seems that even the relationship people, don’t know yet.

With having met over 800 women in the past 9 years, I have never seen such a collection of unsure women. And its not like they are looking for casual dating, they just don’t know.

In the past if a woman was unsure, she was usually someone who dated multiple people and was easy to have sex with. My experience on Bumble has introduced me to a whole new category of women. These women act like they want to take it slow, but they are really not interested in anything. They seem to not want to date or be looking for a relationship.

They talk, sometimes meet but never want to actually have sex or a relationship. It’s as if they want to talk to someone and be in some self-made purgatory between a friend and a boyfriend.

I will share a couple of quick stories that recently happened.

I recently spoke to a woman, daily for a week. Sometimes an hour or longer at a time. We even video chatted and were excited to meet. The day before the meet, she says she wants to keep talking but not meet for a while. WTF.

Another woman, spoke to me for hours over a several day period. When then met. It was great, plenty of kissing and touching. She said she wanted us to keep talking everyday but we did need to see each other very much. She didn’t want to see anyone else either !

And yet another, we spoke for hours, great conversations. We planned to meet but then she says, she prefers to just keep talking. We don’t need to meet we can just video chat. We only live 30 minutes apart.

So, from what I can see, if you don’t know what the f**k you want, Bumble is your app. Perhaps a new name might be Frustration or Waste of Time. But Bumble may be the place for unsure women, without a doubt.

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