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Why Women Should Kiss On A First Date

Why Women Should Kiss On A First Date
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Why Women Should Kiss On A First Date

With some many people dating and going on first dates there is one thing that should definitely happen. Let’s talk about why women should kiss on a first date.

For starters, kissing someone does not mean you’re having sex. Kissing is really the way you show you are attracted to someone. This is really important on a first date since you don’t want to send the wrong message.

I get it, many years ago it may have been seen to some as an improper thing to do. Now people know what they want and don’t want. The best thing that can happen on a first date is having chemistry. If you don’t have initial chemistry, it is a waste of time to have a second date.

Having said that, if you are attracted to your date, then kiss him. Not just a peck but a real full passionate kiss. Nothing will send a serious man running from you then not showing you’re attracted with a nice kiss. And for that matter, kiss him several times, not just at the end of the date.

Again, ladies, a kiss does not mean you’re having sex. If you have some principal thing about kissing on the first date, then get over yourself. This is one of the many things we teach women in dating coaching sessions.

I can tell you first-hand that many men have shared with me they ended dates due to no kissing. These same men went on to a serious relationship. Sometimes even with the very next women they met, while the women who didn’t kiss still remain single.

And it is a good way to find out if the guy is a good kisser. Not to mention that if he is after sex, he will try more than just kissing. So, you’ll know right away if he is serious and not playing a game.

Ladies if you are looking for a serious relationship and have chemistry, then kiss him. Now you can see why women should kiss on a first date.

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