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Tribal Dating Post Coronavirus and George Floyd

Tribal Dating Post Coronavirus and George Floyd


Tribal Dating Post Coronavirus and George Floyd

Two of the biggest stories of the year and maybe a generation. People have had enough between lockdowns and looting. Now the tribal dating post Coronavirus and George Floyd is a reality.

We can finally leave our homes and go out and meet in person for a first date. No more virtual chat dates. But the topic is not about your past or what you’re looking for in a new partner. It is about how you feel about the world we live in.

For some reason we’re now defined by how we feel about police and race. This is an old topic. In fact, listening to Joe Biden speak, you would think its 1968 and the Civil Rights Movement. African Americans have come a long way since the days of segregation (Joe Biden’s voting record supported segregation).

What happened to George Floyd is unacceptable. Everyone agrees on this. Everyone also agrees that some small amount of police officers are racist, brutal and bad. That is where we must focus. Destroying businesses and hurting innocent people is not a solution but an end of civilized life.

When trying to meet new people for a possible relationship the conversation is about what do we want our world to look like. This is now all about tribes. We’re one of them or one of the other one.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are both passionate. Trump is passionate about law and order along with the economy. Joe Biden is all about how we feel about ourselves as a country and what that all means. Voters will choose which direction or Tribe takes control in November.

In a recent article we talked about how CNN and MSNBC appear to be outright lying to the public. Gone are the days of true journalism but now it’s about pushing a narrative.

Police brutality and racism are issues that need to have the attention of all of us. But if we can’t even turn on the TV and get one consistent message from the media, we have bigger problems. If it doesn’t stop, anarchy and fear may be our future.

I applaud Facebook for allowing users to say anything they want without fear of censorship. People need to decide what they want to believe. That is the true spirit of the First Amendment. Social Media companies are not media publishers. They are platforms for us to speak.

CNN and MSNBC are publishers and media outlets who purport to be news organizations. If that is true, then they should report the actual news. If you want to be a tabloid and report fiction or opinions, then make that clear to the viewing public. Maybe a disclaimer saying “some facts have been changed” or “based on a true story”.

The day may be upon us soon when new boxes will need to be added to a Dating App profile. We’ll have choices of ethnicity, race, religious belief and Tribe. The world of tribal dating post Coronavirus and George Floyd is truly upon us.

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