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Women Looking For Love 2019 Busy Season Is Now Here

Women looking for love 2019 busy season is now here


Women Looking For Love 2019 Busy Season Is Now Here

What I can tell you is, after 7 years of actively dating and having met well over 400 women, that the busy season has changed. The women looking for love 2019 busy season is now here. But this wasn’t always the case.

It used to be the crazy mad rush for love started right after Black Friday. It used to be single women looking for a relationship would flock to the dating sites and apps then. Maybe it was the feeling of being alone over the holidays. I remember the same search criteria that got me about 300 women would get me about 600 right after Black Friday.

What I noticed last year (2018) was the biggest increase occurred right after Valentine’s Day. Again, I think it’s that the whole being alone on Valentine’s Day causes the surge of people being active on dating apps and sites.

The part that is crazy in all this is when I first started on POF and in 2013 it seemed like the number of men and women were about equal. Even back then women complained about guys looking for hookups and being catfished.  But now there are just so many women compared to guys. (I’m talking in the 35 – 50 age group). Don’t believe me ? Create a dummy profile and search for yourself.

One theory is that many men in that age group are seeking younger women, so the older women don’t have as many men available in their age group. But its not just the hotter bodies, some say it’s the fact that younger women admire the older men and are less opinionated or set in their ways. Also, with dating apps its easier to find them.

This may also be true if you think about it because if a man leaves his wife for a younger woman then he is out of that dating age group.

While I’m not exactly sure of the reason, and can only offer theories, that fact is that if you’re a guy looking for a relationship you should be able to find a woman. But and it’s a big but, this is very time consuming so if you’re busy you may want to go to one of those matchmakers or dating coaches.

For me it’s my past time so I enjoy just finding new women to have sex with.

The women looking for love 2019 busy season is now here (or will be in a couple of days) make no mistake about that unless the world has changed in one year. My guess is there will be even more women compared to men.

Happy Valentine’s Day !

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