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Guys Lookout For Women Pushing Cohabidating In 2019

Guys lookout for women pushing cohabidating in 2019


Guys Lookout For Women Pushing Cohabidating In 2019

It’s a new year and there are more dating trends. Not a big surprise. A couple of standouts are vulturing and Instagranding. But the one that seems to be the rise with women is cohabicdating. Guys lookout for women pushing cohabidating in 2019.

First off, cohabidating is where you start dating someone and move in together almost right away due to financial reasons. We all know that 2 people paying the bills for a household is a lot easier but if you’re a couple who barely knows each other it can be complicated.

Think about when you are starting to get to know someone and let’s say a deal breaker pops up, you just end the relationship. That not as easy if you live together. At a minimum you may have furniture or legal commitments (like a lease) to deal with. It all takes time and if your living with the person you could potentially be in a short-term shit storm.

You can talk to just about any matchmaker or dating app operator and they’ll tell you there are a lot more women looking for relationships as opposed to men. Based on that, its no surprise that women can be pushing for cohabitation to lock a man down. Don’t get me wrong, there are some couples that meet and move in right away with it working out long term. But that is the exception for sure,

Some may even see cohabidating as a form of friends with benefits except it’s more like roommates with benefits. Maybe, that’s the solution right there, just say “hey we’ll live together with intimacy and just split the bills”.

Our own Dating Addict has shared his personal stories of how serious women can be even on the first date. With the odds stacked against women for finding a man, women can be driven more by just the prospect of being in a relationship as opposed to taking the time for the relationship to organically develop.

The other possible scenario is a woman who can’t afford to live on her own for whatever reason. Roping in a guy as a roommate seems like one solution. This is different than a sugar daddy because here the woman participates financially.

I guess when you look at it anyone of these ways, it’s not surprising this dating trend is on the rise.

My take on this is if you’re not instantly crazy about each other, I mean like love at first sight and can’t be apart, then moving in right away is probably not going to work out long term.

So again, guys lookout for women pushing cohabidating in 2019 and if you are with one maybe play devils advocate and say hey lets just be roommates with benefits and enjoy !

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