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Part 20 – Having A Local Fuck Buddy Around

Part 20 - Having A Local Fuck Buddy Around


Part 20 – Having A Local Fuck Buddy Around

As a guy who had sex with 400+ women, Covid brought meeting new women to a screeching halt. The other difficult thing about meeting new people has been the distance. You don’t always get a hot woman who wants sex locally. What I have learned is its great having a local fuck buddy around. I don’t want to say friends with benefits as its actually more like a real relationship.

Listen, many of us enjoy sex. If you don’t have a girlfriend and can’t meet new people what do you do ?

I found a nice 40 something with blond hair, blue eyes and big boobs. But she has a little pooch on her. Seems women who like bar food and regular drinking seem to get these.  It’s even better if she doesn’t mind you sleeping over at her place.

We do see each other all the time and actually still have our profiles on dating apps. It seems it’s a topic we just don’t talk about,

Having someone who is monogamous is also great for unprotected sex. I never really cared much about that as I never used protection. My rule was if it smelled bad or was too loose, I didn’t hit it. Yes, I did turn some away. Also, women past about 45 aren’t going to get pregnant.

So what do you do now that Covid is starting to die down and things are opening ?

I have not changed anything. Having a local fuck buddy around makes life pretty easy. I actually find myself being a lot more selective now in new people I meet. I am not saying I’m getting inti a relationship, but a woman has got to be super hot.

I know I took a little break from writing during Covid but now you know why. I’ll be writing more soon.

Part 20 – Having A Local Fuck Buddy Around

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