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Asking About STD Test Before First Time Sex With Someone New

Asking about STD test before first time sex with someone new


Asking About STD Test Before First Time Sex With Someone New

This is probably the 800 pound gorilla in the room for some people. That is, talking about an STD test before having sex for the first time with someone new. What I am going to share may shock some people but my own personal experiences sometimes have even surprised me. So what about asking about STD test before first time sex with someone new ?

As I have already admitted I have had sex with over 200 different women and as I looked though all my notes (I keep track particularly of women I had sex with) I found something that really was eye opening.

Of all the women, only 2 that I actually almost had sex with or more accurately, could have had sex with, made a big deal about having an STD test prior to being with me.

I do get annual physical exams from my doctor and get a full STD screening each time. I have never had any STD and have had unprotected sex the majority of the time. Oh, as far as pregnancy, another admission, I did get a vasectomy a number of years ago.

Now a lot of people may be thinking, what kind of women are you with ? Well, think about it. A woman who has sex with several partners at once is probably going to insist on some type of protection or an STD test.

As I have written before, I don’t seek out women looking for sex, but women looking for relationships. As such, a woman seeking a relationship and who wants to be with one man, wants to have unprotected sex as she is trusting this could be her long-term partner.

I am not recommending that anyone live my lifestyle as there is certainly risk to it. And I do get lectured by my doctor just about every time I go.

I actually believe if a woman is demanding of an STD test prior to having sex, then she is either with multiple people or hiding something. Like I said, if both people believe this is the start of a potentially lasting relationship then they want intimacy, the kind that comes from unprotected sex.

I also believe if someone knows that they have an STD, they are going to disclose it. I have had multiple women tell me that they had Herpes and were taking Vatrex. I posted an article about dating a woman with Herpes once before. It is actually safe to have sex if the person is not experiencing an outbreak.

As far as something as serous as HIV, there are public health agencies tracking this so unless a person is unaware they have been infected, they are most likely going to disclose it. I believe there may be some legal consequences in most states if you know it and don’t disclose it. I did only meet one person who admitted she was HIV positive, so I used protection the one time we had sex.

I do believe it is the right thing to do to ask someone about an STD test prior to sex and people should try to follow that. Please don’t judge me because I am not one of them. So, asking about STD test before first time sex with someone new is probably a good thing.

EDITORS NOTE: We do not condone or should the publication of this article in any way be construed as our agreement with the subject matter.

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