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Real Life Experts Reveal Choices For Best Dating Apps In 2018

Real life experts reveal choices for best dating apps in 2018


Real Life Experts Reveal Choices For Best Dating Apps In 2018

With a contributor who has been meeting several women a week for the past 4 years, an editor who met the love her life through a dating app and a publisher who is #1 in marketing to this industry, I would have to say we’re uniquely qualified to give it to you straight what’s the best dating apps. With that said our real life experts reveal choices for best dating apps in 2018

We going to break it down from our publisher’s perspective, our Editor’s perspective and Dating Addict’s perspective. and Zoosk

Match is the oldest and owns most of the popular dating sites. If you are over 25 you probably know a happy couple who met on match. I know many people who did. But surprisingly gave it a 9.5 and Zoosk a 9.8.

  • Dating Addict: I would have to say I met a lot of quality women on match but it also seems to have a lot women who have been looking for too long and are picky. I have done well with Zoosk. I met a great Russian woman that I previous wrote about on Zoosk. My only criticism of Zoosk is that keep a lot of profiles up of people who are no longer active. 
  • Editor: I met the love of my life but did meet a fair amount of not so nice men. There is a fair amount of serial daters from my experience. Definitely caters to the over 25 crowd. I never used Zoosk. 
  • Publisher: Both site have great features. Zoosk allows your pictures to be Facebook verified and match now has video profiles. Both help to reduce the #1 issue with online dating which is catfish.

POF & OKCupid:

Both of these are free and owned by match. POF is the largest of all dating apps and online dating sites with over 90 million users worldwide.

  • Editor: POF is like the wild west. So many messages and people to wade through. It is very time consuming and can be frustrating with a lot of sexual messages. 
  • Publisher: Since its free you get a lot of people who have never tried online dating before, so they are not all jaded be the process, which is a real plus. You will see a lot of the same people on match, POF and OKCupid.

Tinder and Bumble

Both look and work a lot alike with the exception of the woman having to message first on Bumble. This was done to eliminate all the “Hey Baby You’re Hot” etc. messages that occur on most sites. Tinder is still seen by a lot of women as a hookup app. Age group is 30 and under primarily.

  • Dating Addict: I have had great success with both. The women reaching out first on Bumble has not been an issue for me. Like all sites and apps you must have a good profile and pictures. 
  • Editor: I tried Tinder but it definitely had the feel of a hookup app and it is for a younger crowd. I am traditional so don’t want to be reaching out first so Bumble is not for me. 
  • Publisher: Both have overall great user acceptance. Users may also want to consider Coffee Meets Bagel.

Our Choices:

So here it is, our real life experts reveal choices for best dating apps in 2018.

If you’re over 30 use match. With the video profiles and very strict policies for abuse it works overall the best. If you’re 25-30 try POF. It is free but make sure to get the person to the phone quickly to see if their genuine. Under 25, Tinder is our choice or you can try regular social media like Instagram.

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