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Surprising Truth About New Dating Rules For 2018

Surprising truth about new dating rules for 2018
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Surprising Truth About New Dating Rules For 2018

As a single mom who has been on my fair share of first dates from dating apps, I can tell you things are constantly changing. The good news is that I did ultimately find the love of my life from a dating app, but it wasn’t without plenty of bad first dates and dealing with lots of inappropriate messages. Being the Editor here at My One Amor, I spend plenty of time doing research and talking to people who are active in the dating world. Let me share with you the surprising truth about new dating rules for 2018 from all of what I have compiled.

So your first question might be rules, are there really rules ? The word rules may mean different things to different people but when one thinks of rules, it can be a set of guidelines if you follow them then you may be on the right path. Also, when you think of rules you may think of consequences for breaking rules. That may be even simpler, not following the rules means potentially having a bad experience or not finding a relationship so those can certainly be consequences depending on what you’re looking for.

So, what do some other people say about rules ? Dating app, Zoosk, has some new rules.

Here are a couple of new rules according to Zoosk:

  • Text whenever you feel like it. Show that you’re eager. No deliberately waiting to make contact.
  • 3rd date sex rule is optional (lots of people I have spoken to had sex on the first date and are now in long committed relationships)
  • Dating out of your age is group is ok. (I know lots of people who have big age differences and have been together for a long time)

Match of UK has a few other new rules:

  • Stop trying to think what the other person is thinking (I agree over analyzing is a waste of time)
  • Don’t ghost anyone. Just tell them how you feel
  • Don’t be late for the first date. It is about respect
  • Confidence is sexy. (I agree, but don’t be arrogant)

I should note that Zoosk and Match don’t agree on the topic of phones. Zoosk says it ok to have your phone out and look at it while Match says put it away on a date. They both agree that sex on the first date is ok and you should have it when you feel its ok.

What did I find out ?

A lot of what both Zoosk and Match said. The most important thing is to be yourself and if you are not comfortable with someone, its probably a sign to move on to the next one.

Our world has changed in that we are very sensitized about how others feel and to not offend. When communicating with someone new, a good rule to follow is before you say something think about how you would feel if that person said that to you.

For some this may be the surprising truth about new dating rules for 2018 and for others this may be more about individual choice that is the way of today.

Good luck on your search and whatever you do, don’t settle !

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