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Instant Relationship Coaching vs Dating Coach

Instant Relationship Coaching vs Dating Coach


Instant Relationship Coaching vs Dating Coach

It seems that at some point in just about everyone’s life we seek out someone for advice about dating or a relationship. While dating coaching has been around for quite a while, there is now something new in the form of on demand coaching. Let’s talk about this new instant relationship coaching vs dating coach.

Before we get into some of the poplar players in these businesses, lets talk about the needs and why of these services.

In the world of dating apps and online dating it doesn’t take long to find someone who had a bad experience. Sometimes these are experiences that you may want to talk about with someone other than a friend or family member. The reasons can vary from embarrassment, hurt, anger, confusion and even fear.

A simple example could be a first date that seemed to go well but you were then ghosted or you had mixed emotions and wonder what to do next about a possible second date. It could also be a relationship that has been going well but seems to now be changing for reasons you can’t quite understand and so on.

The idea of coaching for many of us sounds more inspirational rather than clinical or therapeutic. We don’t want to see it as some form of physiotherapy but enhancement of our wellness or just plain advice.

But the reality is many people, in this world of self-centered instant gratification, treat dating and relationships like a commodity item and not with the intense emotional bond that should be there. This not only leads to feelings of sadness but can be much deeper felt leading sometimes even to depression.

We have heard from many people who are totally jaded to the dating process and even relationships due to recent bad experiences. Our own Dating Addict have even written about women who said they don’t need a man, etc.

It seems only logical in this same world of instant gratification that can cause the emotional pain that help could be just as readily available. But is that a good thing or is it just as dangerous as the cause ?

What comes to mind when I think of a call to a random person in 15 minute increments for advice is like a sex line or fortune teller 900 number. The idea of coaching or therapy should be a very personal experience not one size fits all.

In this new pay-per-view world of coaching there are a number of players including Relationship Hero, Wekaw and BetterHelp. All seem to have good reviews and press but there are some bad ones too and this is all very new.

Could it be the success of these is just the convenience or lower cost ?

On the flip side in the world of dating coaches or licensed therapists, there are many choices. The good news here is that unlike the instant ala carte services, you’ll get to work with the same person every time.

I guess you could compare it to your hair stylist. Do you want a different person every time or it is nice to work with the same person who really knows what you like ? and you feel comfortable with ?

Dating and relationships are a very slippery slope these days with many people seeking coaching.

I for one like the whole convenience of these new services but nothing replaces the one on one bond that you can develop with the same coach. So, when comparing instant relationship coaching vs dating coach, in our opinion, the dating coach wins for sure.

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