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Telling The True Intentions Of Dating An Immigrant

Telling The True Intentions Of Dating An Immigrant


Telling The True Intentions Of Dating An Immigrant

Last year I wrote an article on the growing number of illegal immigrant women on dating apps and online dating sites. As a guy who is actively dating, I can tell you that those numbers are increasing even more. From my perspective telling the true intentions of dating an immigrant is not hard to do.

The reality in the U.S. is there are many more single women seeking relationships than men. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t men out there, but there are more women seeking relationships. Spend a couple weeks on some of the popular dating apps and you’ll see for yourself.

For an immigrant woman, legal or not, it’s easy to get online. Two of the largest dating sites out there, both owned by, are free. Just answer some simple questions about yourself and you’re on POF or OKCupid. I’ve met plenty of women on both, so they do work. In fact, POF is the largest dating site in the world.

So, for someone like me these women are very easy to meet. But again, telling the true intentions of dating an immigrant can become quite clear by just meeting them.

What I have found are a couple of simple things to look out for that can tell their intentions. What I can say for sure is none of them will disclose if they’re illegal until after they meet.

  • Just like any woman seeking a real relationship, their conversations will always be geared toward a relationship or family. Generally speaking, if all they are looking for is having fun or what cool new things they can buy and have, that’s a red flag.
  • Whether or not they have sex on the first or second date is not a factor as many women who want relationships will be with someone quickly. And those who don’t will almost always have sex on the first date.
  • Another sign that their intentions are real is if they allow you to meet who they are living with or even their children. Even on the first date. I have met a number of women who had me pick them up from where they were staying. I guess part of that thinking was that the other people also got first impressions of me and could see who I was.
  • If someone is genuine, they are not going to hide their situation and will show you everything quickly. They are going to make themselves vulnerable because they want the relationship.

Remember, they probably won’t have a car or the ability to work so be prepared for that. Be prepared for them wanting to move in quickly as they may only have temporary housing.

I can tell you that there are some beautiful loving women from other countries out there that just want a relationship. The fact that they’re not in the U.S. legally is something that you’ll have to wrestle with. For me, once I find out that they’re illegal, that is the last date.

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