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Truth About Dating Someone Who Smokes

Truth About Dating Someone Who Smokes


Truth About Dating Someone Who Smokes

About 2 years ago our own Dating Addict did a story about dating a smoker. Lately we have a noticed an increased interest in this story. So, what is the truth about dating someone who smokes ?

And just for quick clarification, we’re talking about smoking cigarettes, not vaping or weed.

I have never really been a smoker, maybe an occasional cigarette when I was younger after a couple of drinks. But that was it.

In this article from 2018 we explored what most smokers say and that is they really want to quit. With these challenging times and many of us being all but confined to home, maybe now is the time to stop.

Having said that, there are many nice people who just happen to have the bad habit of smoking.

What Dating Addict found was many smokers were respectful about not smoking in a car or house. Most public places don’t allow it, so the worst part was having to sit outdoors at restaurants or bars. He also found that smokers found him to be a better person as he could see past the smoking to the real person. As they say, don’t judge a book by its cover.

So, what is it like to kiss a smoker ? As he explained “some you can hardly tell, others the smell and taste when you kissed was always there. But again, I come back to, they wanted to quit and were nice people”.

About dating, it’s a personal choice and for some, something you can’t get past. But if you’re not sure 100% about ruling out smokers, then when you set up your profile on dating app, don’t check the no smoker box.

In the end the truth about dating someone who smokes could come down to losing a nice person.

That person may wind up ultimately not being a smoker in time anyway. And yes, if they’re coughing all the time or have that raspy rough smoker sound that might be someone to let pass.

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