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I Had Sex With Over 200 Women On The First Date

I Had Sex With Over 200 Women On The First Date


I Had Sex With Over 200 Women On The First Date

When I started contributing to My One Amor about 2 years ago, it never really crossed my mind how many people would ask how do I do it ? That is, have sex with so many women on the first date. Some think I must be some sexy, hot guy. Nope, just average. Some thought, well you must be using those dating apps that feature hookups. Nope, just regular apps like match, POF and Tinder. Some said you must be looking for women who just want sex. Nope, just regular everyday people looking for a relationship.

So how do I do it ? I actually compiled a kind of step by step way of the things that seem to work almost every time. I wrote it up and sent it over to be published.

The Editor said it would only be published to those who subscribed to the mailing list and then said she would not make it available at all since it really is more of a guide on how just have sex with a woman by not really being honest with them. But that really is not true, that was not always my intention. And the women I had sex with wanted to be with me. Even in some of my posts I saw women multiple times after we had sex. I did believe that I genuinely cared and just wasn’t sure I wanted a relationship or not. Is having a change of heart after having sex deceptive ?

They would like to re-edit it and publish it as a guide for things women should look out for. But what I can tell you is many of the women I had sex with were very guarded and cautious. So, the moral of the story is, if a guy is a player and does the same things I have basically done, they’re probably going to have sex regardless. The real issue is, yes, I have broken some hearts and that is perhaps the hardest part.

The reason for this article is to hear from our readers and perhaps persuade the Editor to publish my how I do it. It will definitely only be to the mailing list subscribers as it is not something that should just be made totally public. For guys I can tell you, if you follow this, you’re going to have more sex with nice women quickly. And we are not going to charge for it like some of these pick up artist BS expert people I see on advice sites. My One Amor is totally free and so is the advice.

My stories are real, and yes, definitely offensive to some women. BUT these are all people who voluntarily made the choice to be with me. Trust me, I never had to pressure anyone and if someone was not interested then that was that. On to the next one. There are a lot more women looking for relationships them men.

Dating is tough and every person’s comfort level is different. Women should be vigilant and not meet anyone and everyone. I have also been a strong opponent of people who just want to meet right away to see if there is any just physical chemistry. And have posted about it before.

If you meet someone that you have spent hours on the phone with, video chatted with, met for a romantic evening and had sex with, have you done something wrong ?

Tell me what you think at – Subject: Dating Addict. It will be forwarded directly to me. I will post my answers to some of the emails I get.

Editor’s Note: My One Amor expresses no opinion on the content of this article. We do thank our contributor for the many stories he has shared while maintaining his anonymity which we will continue to respect.

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