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Can Being A Hater Really Find You Love In 2018 ?

Can being a hater really find you love in 2018


Can Being A Hater Really Find You Love In 2018 ?

In a recent episode of Shark Tank, Mark Cuban invested in a dating app company called Hater. The premise of the app is matching people on what they hate vs what that like, the opposite of how most dating apps match couples. If you think about it, we all find ourselves, at times, finding commonality in conversations with what we dislike. Can being a hater really find you love in 2018 ?

To be a little more specific, in our day to day lives how often do we find ourselves disliking (or hating) a political issue or current news event or song or story and on and on. We may find more commonality in what were hate over what we like. And just to be clear, I am absolutely not referring to issues of race or civil hate in anyway but typical common daily occurrences. Perhaps not to the extreme of a Seinfeld episode but just normal stuff.

So how does this all actually work ? I think the first thing that comes to mind is how strongly people might feel about President Trump or what happened with the last election. Or it might be a specific professional sports team or the people who ride those carts that block the shopping aisles in Walmart or how bad a bathroom smells in a convenience store. You get the idea.

What made me think even more about the idea was a number of women I came in contact with or even met over the past 4 years through dating apps who really seemed like genuine man haters. That may sound somewhat harsh but maybe not when you drill down on it a little bit. Again, I speak from my own personal experiences and other people may have different opinions, which I do respect.

So why call a woman a man hater ? There is actually a formal name for it, misandry. It may be very simple. Imagine sitting through a 2 hour first date and the entire conversation is focused on how much her husband, the last guy she met online and her last relationship all made her so mad and how she will never trust another man. I have to be honest, it actually happened to me dozens of times. So can being a hater really find you love in 2018 ?

While I understand the issues of lying and infidelity are not typical matching criteria for finding someone, maybe one person’s strong hate of it may be a selling point to someone else ?

What I found was women who had bad experiences did not trust jumping into new relationships but, believe it or not, still had needs and didn’t mind casual sex as much.

So I wonder if the new hater dating app might turn out to be not only great for relationships but even those seeking something less committed. Something to ponder, can being a hater really find you love in 2018 ?

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