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My True Stories – I Don’t Like Being Called “Serial Dater”


My True Stories – I Don’t Like Being Called “Serial Dater”


I was asked by a friend of mine, when he came up with the idea of My #1 Amor, if I would contribute. He knew I was the worst serial dater he had ever known or heard of. He ultimately convinced me to share some of my actual stories to help make My #1 Amor not just a social or dating advice forum but a place for real straight talk about dating. A kind of reality TV for dating now online.

The is the first of many to come true actual stories about women that I met through various online dating sites beginning in April 2013 through today and counting. I have had a couple of relationships but none that lasted more than 3 months and even during those I continued to date. I did retain a picture and made notes in my calendar to keep track since there were times I met as many as 3 women in one day. It was impossible to keep track without notes and a calendar.

My story is pretty unique but when I look back at what I have done, I am not proud of it but did learn many things that could help someone find love or find every way to avoid it and everything in between. Based on my phone logs, contacts and calendar, I have actually spoken on the phone to over 500 women and met just under 300 and counting in about 3-1/2 years.

I was once happily married for 13 years but it all fell apart when my wife became an addict, She couldn’t have kids and I think that reality drove her into a dark place that she never came back from. I found love again with a younger woman who I spent almost the next 10 years with. I will call her Sarah. We do have a child together but our relationship ended when we both wound up cheating on each other. With 23 years of my life in 2 relationships I thought it was time for something new and I found it, online dating.

I will be posting my first story in the next couple of days

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