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Too Much PDA A Bad Or Good Thing ?

Too much PDA a bad or good thing ?


Too Much PDA A Bad Or Good Thing ?

The topic of PDA is something I always seem to run into on just about every first date. Now that I am over 320 actual first dates, it comes up almost every time. Is too much PDA a bad or good thing ? I guess that really depends on who you ask.

I think generally most of the women I have met are affectionate but where it gets tricky is how much and how soon. I have heard many times “I am very affectionate after I get to know someone” or “I am an affectionate person but don’t like strangers looking at me” and so on.

As for me, I love it. Don’t get me wrong, not to the point of visibly showing your tongues while kissing or sliding your hand down a woman’s top in clear view. But lots of long kisses and even having a leg over a person is all acceptable to me in public. So when is too much PDA a bad or good thing ?

I have found it’s probably a conversation you want to have when you talk to someone before a first date. It kind of goes along the lines of how someone feels about kissing on a first date. For me if a woman says “I never kiss on the first date” or “I don’t like PDA”, then I am probably not even going to meet them. I think if you are affectionate then show it.

I guess for some women the idea of too much affection on a first date is a sign they may be easy. What I say is kissing is not having sex. Kissing shows someone that you like them and you might as well find out as soon as you can if the person is a good kisser or not.

I do have some rules though. I try to avoid family type restaurants or places with kids on first dates. I don’t think it’s a good idea to kiss in front of little children. So as far as too much PDA a bad or good thing .. I think it’s a good thing within limits.

You do have be careful on the beach though it is really easy to get sexual and touchy.

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