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Part 14 – Sex With A Bisexual Woman Not Sure Of Her Sexual Preference

bisexual woman not sure of her sexual preference


Part 14 – Sex With A Bisexual Woman Not Sure Of Her Sexual Preference

I think some men are somewhat intrigued by lesbians, the whole fantasy thing of being in the middle of sex with two women or watching is kind of exciting. I never really gave this a lot of thought. I actually found myself in the middle of an interesting dilemma: being with a bisexual woman not sure of her sexual preference.

I was scanning the new subscribers of Match and saw a woman who was really stunning. I clicked her profile and all of her pictures were almost too good to be true; like professional glamor shots or maybe fake. What was even more surprising is her profile said she was 48 years old. Though she was a little old, I still sent her a quick message.

She responded and we exchanged numbers. Her name was Carmella originally from Brazil. After talking for a couple of days we decided to meet at a local Irish Pub for drinks.

I was skeptical that she would look those glamor pictures on her profile but OMG, if anything, she looked even better ! She didn’t look a day over 35 and was probably one of the most beautiful women I had ever personally met in my entire life.

After a couple of drinks, I went for the kiss, which I usually timed when someone was getting up to go to the bathroom. It was great and passionate. After she returned from the ladies room, I paid the tab and we agreed to see a movie at the theatre next door.

We were like teenagers at the movies, kissing and I even went for the nipple touch down her shirt which she loved.

After the movie, we went for a walk when she proceeded to tell me a story that made me realize that I may be facing a bisexual woman not sure of her sexual preference. She told me a story that about 2 weeks earlier she did a weekend getaway with a couple of old friends from school. The first evening there she found herself becoming attracted to one of her friends and vice versa. They would up spending the majority of the weekend in bed. She made it clear that she loved it and wanted it again badly.

I was a little confused by her story but she continued to tell me that she really liked me and wanted us to see each other again. So I left it at that for the evening.

We spoke the next couple of days, I avoided the girl attraction conversation, focusing on us. We decided to meet for dinner but both knew we would be having sex that night. After dinner we drove back to my place for a drink. It didn’t take long before we would up in the bedroom. I was thinking, when I have oral sex with her, I am not going to be as good as a woman doing it. She seemed ok and we had great sex with her having an orgasm. But she was not ok.

She said that I was the first man she had been with since the weekend she was with the other woman. She now was not sure what she wanted and needed to see the other woman again before she could decide if we could be in a relationship. Our evening ended abruptly with me taking her back to her car as she wanted to be alone.

We spoke several more times but she continued to say she needed time alone to figure things out and she even removed her profile from Match. So I never knew the final outcome of my short relationship with a bisexual woman not sure of her sexual preference.

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