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Part 5 – My First Online Date With A Latin Woman – Welcome To A New World

My first Latin Woman Dating Addict


Part 5 – My First Online Date With A Latin Woman – Welcome To A New World

I was now about to meet my 4th woman from online dating. This was also my first Latin woman, Puerto Rican to be specific, that I had ever dated. I had messaged her originally on POF. I knew a number of guys who had dated Latin women and said it was a whole new world. Her name was Vicki, a mother of two  kids and was recently divorced.

This was different as we spoke for the first time on a Saturday and decided to meet that very evening. What was also different we had actually spoken for about 4 hours straight that day. She was one of those people who you could just talk to forever and never run out of things to say. We seemed to have an amazing connection.

We met at a high end seafood restaurant that was about 30 minutes away. She looked a little different than her pictures but not a total catfish. She was definitely a little heavier but still cute. So my first Latin woman experience was off to a little bit of a rocky start.

We decided to have an appetizer with our first drink as she was hungry. We continued our great conversation from earlier in the day. She was a manager for a restaurant supply company so she knew a lot of about the business which was interesting. I enjoyed our conversation although it wasn’t feeling as romantic as I had hoped.

After dinner we decided to walk around outside as it was a warm evening. We held hands and I walked her up on a curb in the parking lot and turned her around for the first kiss. She was all in so at least the ice was finally broken.

She said it had been a long day and wanted to call it a night. Maybe my first Latin women was also going to be the first date with no sex.

But there was hope ! She said she lived about 5 minutes away and did not have her kids. She invited me over for a drink. I said sure.  I followed her back to her apartment complex. She lived on the 2nd floor. We walked up holding hands so I was hopeful that this might turn out great after all.

We went inside and the place was full of toys and signs of her two young children. We headed into her kitchen area. She only had wine and vodka. I decided on a vodka and soda as I could not drink wine with the beer I had earlier.

We moved to her living room, sat on the couch and watched some TV. We kissed and I touched her and realized that she had huge boobs and giant nipples. This was definitely different. I rubbed her between her legs and she was definitely getting into it. She then said something that really caught me by surprise. She said “I want to warn you that I am natural and don’t shave my vagina”. I thought well no big deal as it looked like we were going to have sex regardless.

I worked her pants off which was actually a little tough as I noticed she had a bigger butt than I had realized. We were still on the couch so this was not the perfect place for sex but I thought let’s just go for it.

Well she was right about natural. I think this woman was as hairy as it gets. It felt like there was no end to the hair. The thought that that came to mind was yeti or sasquatch.. But I was determined to have sex.

This was definitely scratchy and not that cool at all. On top on that she definitely had a bad feminine odor and it seemed unnaturally wet so this was a little creepy. My first Latin woman was tuning out to quite different. But I didn’t care and she was definitely into it so after a little on top and from behind we were done.

She suggested that we go to the bedroom and maybe get some sleep. I’m thinking really ? Why not before we struggled on the couch but I was tired. This was going to turn out to be my first overnight date but it was all good.

She went to the bathroom and got herself ready for bed. I didn’t have anything with me for an overnight stay, so I figured I would try to get some sleep. She came to bed and was very affectionate. We feel asleep naked spooning each other. My first Latin woman was definitely nice to sleep with.

I didn’t sleep very well, I found myself waking up several times. Maybe it was the strange place or just now sleeping overnight for the first time in a bed with a woman after my 10 year relationship with Sarah.

It was light out and she was waking up. I started to rub her and she was liking it so back on top for another round. Again, a strong feminine odor and scratchy, almost like Velcro.

We got up and dressed I told her that I had a busy day with friends. We kissed goodbye.

We actually wound up seeing each other 3 more times after that. We had a lot of really enjoyable conversations. My first Latin woman was a very affectionate, passionate woman. This was a new world for me. I definitely like Latin women !

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