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Submarineing, The Latest Dumb Ass Dating Trend

Submarineing the latest dumb ass dating trend


Submarineing, The Latest Dumb Ass Dating Trend

We all heard of ghosting where someone just disappears after a date without a trace. Then there was breadcrumbing, that is where someone strings you along with sporadic communication until you can’t take anymore. Then there is stashing, the one that makes you feel sad and broken when you’re deliberately kept away from parts of someone’s life. Just when dating couldn’t be mean or tough enough, now there is submarineing the latest dumb ass dating trend.

Submarineing is somewhat similar to zombieing with a twist. Zombieing is when someone just disappears for awhile then returns with some crazy story and wants to start the relationship again.

In the case of submarineing the person pops up out of nowhere with a random text, social media message, email or call acting as if nothing has happened like the last time you communicated was yesterday. It is kind of like a sailor in a submarine in the depths of the ocean with no regular method of communication and now suddenly has literally resurfaced. But what makes submarineing different is that the person does not want to restart the relationship, they just want to be your new friend. It is also different because the person offers no explanation as to their absence and shows no remorse whatsoever about what they did to you.

Zombieing and Submarineing do most likely have the same cause, the person was with someone else when they disappeared.

All these trendy dating terms, ghosting, breadcrumbing, zombieing, stashing and now submarineing all totally suck when you are on the receiving end. Anyone who does this to another person is just a total dumb ass.

Since it is all but impossible to totally block someone from finding some way to communicate with you, there is really no way to prevent it. So when they reemerge, you can choose to communicate or just ignore them. But the odds are if you become close to them again you may be get zombied or submarined again.

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