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Breadcrumbing Is The New 2017 Ghosting

Breadcrumbing is The New 2017 Ghosting


Breadcrumbing Is The New 2017 Ghosting

I received a link, from my friend at My One Amor, to a new Huffington Post article about the dating ghost topic and something that more people are doing, which is breadcrumbing. I recently posted an article about the dating ghost topic as did NYC matchmaker, Rachel Russo, another contributor. What are we talking about ? The word breadcrumbing is just like it sounds. Think of leaving a trail for a bird to eat or just enough to keep someone interested. We’re talking about stringing them along just to not totally lose their attention. I admit, I do it all the time. Or you could say keeping your options open. There is no question, breadcrumbing is the new 2017 ghosting.

We all may do it to a certain extent in our social media messaging in general. We don’t want to ignore anyone and if we haven’t heard from someone in awhile, we want to keep them somewhat in touch.

As for me, I definitely will continue to text or even call, from time to time, someone who I am considering meeting, but may not. I prioritize the ones that interest me the most. But sometimes it’s not more than schedule issues. Sometimes, it’s ones that I get the sense will be first date sex.

What does happen sometimes is breadcrumbing may lead to ultimately being ghosted. If you are stringing someone along they may lose interest, may meet someone else or I may just continue to keep putting someone on the back burner as more interesting people pop up.. Regardless, breadcrumbing for too long will lead to being ghosted or communication saying a lack of interest.

Or maybe that is someone’s intent all along, That is just string them along until they stop communicating. Then it truly is just a form of methodical ghosting.

What is happening in our world is we are now starting to treat people more and more like things. Although I am not a big thinker, this does bother me and can see all of this social media may not be the best thing. So no matter how you look at this, breadcrumbing is the new 2017 ghosting.

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