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How The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Changed Dating Forever

How The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Changed Dating Forever
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How The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Changed Dating Forever

As if meeting someone isn’t difficult enough, now throw in some stay at home orders. I can say we thought we’ve seen it all when it comes to dating but this is now a new world. Unfortunately, we all shall soon see how the Coronavirus Pandemic has changed dating forever.

What surprised me most about the topic is the first articles I saw on this were from Fox News and CNBC. I get the whole news-worthy part but never saw these media outlets as big on dating advice.

Here at My One Amor, we always give it to you straight. Unlike an expert here and there, our publisher has worked worldwide with over 150 dating and relationships companies. So, we can tell you what the consensus is from the dating industry as a whole.

If you’re single and feel like now there is no chance to meet that special someone, let us give you some honest perspective.

  • Dating Apps – If you’re not on one, then this is the time to join. If you’re a man, you’re in for a big surprise. There are a lot more women looking for men. If you’re a woman, be prepared to communicate with a lot of men. And yes, you’re going to get plenty of not so nice messages. Just go ahead and block the creeps. The good news is now you can get to know someone before you meet and there are lots of new people joining.

  • Use Video Chat – This will 100% solve the whole catfish problem. Dating apps can be plagued with 10 year old profile pictures, if it is even the same person at all. With video chat you’ll see the person as they really are, at home and what their life is really like.
  • Social Media – If you find yourself starting to like someone then connect on Facebook or Instagram. You’ll get to know a fair amount about someone when you see their friends and posts. If the connection doesn’t work out as a romantic one, you may have a cool new friend.
  • Meeting in Person – This is probably going to be the one sticky part of all of this. At the present time this is not recommended. The way to look at this is, you are now in a long-distance relationship. Watch a couple of episodes of 90 Day Fiancé on TLC and you’ll see it can work.
  • The Future – Something everyone should be thinking about is that the world of meeting people in crowed bars may be gone. This new order of social distancing will not be forgotten in how we conduct ourselves in public. Bars and restaurants will have to reduce seating or customers won’t feel safe there. Less crowds mean less people to meet. Great news for dating apps and professional matchmakers.

Like anything in life, change is what you make of it. With technology none of us is ever truly alone.

How the Coronavirus Pandemic has changed dating forever will depend on what degree we may return to how it once was.

Follow these dating tips during the coronavirus pandemic and you may actually meet that special someone. And remember, there is no rush so enjoy this time as the world will be a busy place again before you know it.

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