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Black Friday: Crazy Mad Rush For Single Women On Online Dating Sites

Black Friday Online Dating Rush
Photo: Keith Syvinski


Black Friday: Crazy Mad Rush For Single Women On Online Dating Sites

Having been working online dating sites now for going on 4 years and met over 300 women and counting, I have noticed some seasonality to this.

Generally, I log on to match and POF (Plenty of Catfish) around 7 am each morning to look through women that are online at that time. Surprisingly there is usually about the same number on weekends as during the week. My guess is some check it out before going to work during the week and the weekend brings a mix.

What I have noticed now for the 4th year (4 different Thanksgivings) that today, Black Friday and moving forward starts a mad rush for more women actively online. I actually think that after a family Thanksgiving get together that women who are single feel some pressure that they are not in a relationship and the reality that they may spend Christmas / New Year’s Eve alone begins to set in. Its like after January 1st people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, be a better person, etc.

I have my search criteria set to a 50 mile radius and generally see approximately 300 women actively online (meeting my criteria) each day around 7 am. However, starting today, and once again as in the past 4 years, that number is now almost 600 (literally doubled). A fair number are hidden profiles that came back to life or women who have not logged on for months. While this is unscientific, it definitely happens every year right on this same day, Black Friday.

The good news for me is this is absolutely the most busy time for meeting new women. If history repeats itself, I am going to be a busy guy.

Oh, one more thing. I will be posting my first date story soon.

I have scheduled 3 women for tonight (it’s the weekend) but will only be able to pull off 2, so hoping one cancels or got to come up with a cool excuse that won’t piss them off. Just a side note, I met 3 already this week. Once catfished me, one we didn’t have chemistry and the 3rd was a one call close, sex on the first night.

PS: In case you’re wondering, I actually spent Thanksgiving alone. Being with someone on Thanksgiving usually involves getting pretty close to them so that is not where I want to be. Once you meet their family, especially on a holiday, it gets complicated. My family doesn’t really like my lifestyle and are not local so I am fine spending a day to just rest.




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