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Bad First Date Ideas Revisited for 2018

Bad first date ideas revisited for 2018


Bad First Date Ideas Revisited for 2018

About a year ago I wrote a list of 8 bad first date ideas. Some people didn’t agree with a few of them. So, I decided to write about what may have changed in a year. Let’s talk about some bad first date ideas revisited for 2018.

First, over the past year I have met, in person, just under another 100 women and have a good feel for what is going on in the world of dating these days. Some of the people who disagreed with my recommendation of meeting for drinks as a first date should take notice as the trend may be headed in people drinking more. And I question any person or “expert” who is not out there actively dating. Its hard for me to take someone, who hasn’t dated in 20 years, very seriously when it comes to how to meet someone and get into a relationship.

While I am not one who understands or tries to guess why shit happens but relaxing on a first date with a drink or two seems to be a great way to calm nerves of meeting someone new. But if you continue to keep seeing someone and it’s all about getting drunk then that’s not a good thing either. The exception may be a college campus dorm environment.

I can also tell you something that you may already know and that is drunk sex is not really that cool or enjoyable. For a guy it could affect his performance and a woman, especially one you just met, could have serious regrets the next day about what happened.

Don’t get me wrong, I like throwing a few down as much as any guy, especially at sporting events or at a party. But getting trashed as the way to have fun on a date is not for me. Not to mention, you certainly don’t want to drive, and the Uber bills do add up. Then there is having to go retrieve your car the next day and all that.

Getting back to my bad first date ideas revisited for 2018, like I said in my article last year, any daytime outside activity is a bad call for a first date. Women are always self-conscious about how they look and the first impression they make on the first meeting. Nothing will show any facial or skin flaw clearer than a bright sunny day. Then there is always the issue of running makeup, if it’s hot, when sweat becomes a factor. You get the picture. And forget about the beach if you’re hoping for the bikini look. Most women would never expose that much on a first date.

The next bad category is any that doesn’t give you one on one time to talk semi-privately. A movie leads that list of don’ts. The whole slipping your arm around someone in a movie and going for a quick kiss may freak her out. Plus, you may have no sense if she is into you like when you looking her right in the eyes at a bar.

As it turns out for 2018 not much has changed though drinking and dating appears it may be a little more popular which is fine by me.

Remember, if you’re trying to get to know someone, in my opinion, its best to be at a place where you can talk and relax. I’m not talking about Starbucks either. That’s like meeting in a library and who wants to get tweaked on lattes.

Bad first date ideas revisited for 2018 seems like it could be 2017 all over again, like the movie Ground Hog Day.

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