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More Men Looking For Russian Or Ukrainian Women

More men are looking for Russian or Ukrainian women


More Men Looking For Russian Or Ukrainian Women

We’ve heard about “mail order brides” with the images of beautiful young women from far away or the bad thoughts of women forced into marriages at the hands of profiteers. But this whole business has changed and is a very refined process today. This may explain why more men are looking for Russian or Ukrainian women.

A simple Google search will bring up lots of listings of Russian and Ukrainian Marriage Agencies or Meet Slavic Women, etc.

Today for 2019, this is serious business and there are many success stories. I’m not trying to describe an episode of the TLC show, 90 Day Fiancée but more of a trend.

There are matchmakers and dating services offering discounted tours to go and visit the cities where these women live. These same professional matchmakers assist with the process.

We live in a world of technology with video chat, so there are no real issues with being catfished. You can talk to a woman, one on one, before any travel plans are booked or planned.

But why are more men looking for Russian or Ukrainian women ?

If you ask the professional matchmakers or people who run these companies why, they’ll tell you that these are a different type of woman compared to many U.S. woman. These are very loving and loyal women who are all about loving their man and family. Like a throw back of a time that seems to have passed.

While it is true that there can be women looking for sugar daddies or ways to get a green card pass to the U.S., but this is where the companies screen and weed out the gold diggers.

But what is the real reason why this is now so popular ?

I have a couple of theories why I think this is.

First, it does seem that many men are seeking traditional wives who want to live as a mother of their children, not independent working women.

Second, it is no secret that the men who live in these countries have reputations of being prone to abuse of women. Some authoritarian governments do seem to have different values when it comes to women. Again, not stereotyping or saying every man or even country is like this, but it does happen.

Third, it does seem in the U.S. if a man marries a woman who has a career and then has her stop working this can lead to some strain on the relationship over time.

Even our own Contributor, Dating Addict wrote about his experience dating a Russian woman.

You ask aren’t there old school traditional value women here in the U.S. ?

Yes, but how hard is it to find them ? Especially after they have been beaten up by a bunch of “Hey baby you’re hot” misogynists on dating apps.

Looking through profiles on a dating app or just talking to a matchmaker will make it clear that the traditional women are definitely in the minority. Yes, there are guys who like the independent women who say or write in their dating profiles things like, “I can live without a man or don’t need a man”.

The reason why the U.S. is trending away from the old traditional stay at home housewife, may be the simple answer to explain why more men are looking for Russian or Ukrainian women. Maybe all this independence is not such a good thing after all when it comes to a relationship.

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