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Dating Coach Live Made Me Feel Great

Dating Coach Live Made Me Feel Great


Dating Coach Live Made Me Feel Great

Being a person who writes about dating advice is a lot of fun. But Dating Coach Live made me feel great when I did some live coaching. So, what’s it all about ?

It almost seems more now than ever people are seeking Relationship Coaching. It can be about a first date all the way to thinking about a divorce. The ability to get that help online has made it much easier.

There are a number of self help platforms out there who do a great job. When we set out to build Dating Coach Live, we wanted to approach it differently. That is, we wanted it to be as much from the coach’s perspective as helping clients.

To start, we wanted real coaches, not people who we trained. Then we wanted to make it simple, 15 minute Zoom sessions and live chat.

For coaches, we wanted them to do 15 minute sessions but also be able to sell their own packages. We learned something long ago, having worked with so many coaches. And that is, many coaches have great coaching packages that took years to develop and fine tune. One size does not fit all.

So about me feeling great ? Well its one thing to write blogs and get comments from readers. But it’s a different world to live chat with them. It was so rewarding to see them live and hear their stories. And then be able to relate to them. I found that people sometimes just need to hear a friendly voice that wants to listen. It did make me feel great !

We’ve just started our journey with Dating Coach Live and I’m sure they’ll be some refinements. So far, we are bringing some genuine feel good to people, with only more good to come.

So when I say Dating Coach Live made me feel great, it made me feel very special too,

Thank you to all our loyal readers and Dating Coach Live clients.

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