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Tips On How To Have A Successful Relationship

Tips On How To Have A Successful Relationship

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Tips On How To Have A Successful Relationship

We focus a lot of articles around dating. So what happens after you find someone who you continue to date ? Here are some tips on how to have a successful relationship.

We have some tips we think will help:

  1. Move on from your ex

Regardless if it is your first date or months into a new relationship, no one wants to hear about your ex. People immediately feel they are being compared to someone else. If your partner specifically asks you a question pertaining to your ex, then its ok. But even then, keep your answer short.

  1. Be able to laugh together

Even our serial dater contributor, Dating Addict talks about making someone laugh to have sex. Anytime you see an older happy couple ask them about what keeps them together. Somewhere in their reply will most likely be making each other laugh.

  1. Be positive

No one likes a “Debbie downer” or “woe is me”. If you believe your relationship is going to fail, it probably will. If you believe in the future and talk about your life together as a couple it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. We like to look forward to something. Even something as simple as going to the beach or get away weekend.

  1. Be loving

People who are loving, whether its liking pets or how they feel about their family, are attractive. If you like being close and having affection toward others, it will be felt by your partner. Even when dating, your interactions toward others, including strangers, says a lot about who you are.

  1. Give and take

No one likes someone who thinks they are always right, or everything is a competition. Always listen to what your partner says and be understanding. You want that same treatment from them so practice it too. Try to take the high ground and avoid drama. No one likes drama. Its ok to fall on your sword sometimes.

  1. Be confident

Never project insecurities. Confidence is an attractive trait. Try not to be arrogant. There can be a fine line between being sure of yourself or being an ass hole. For some it can be some sense of independence but not to the point of making someone feel you could live without them.

  1. Show appreciation

Just as important as making someone feel loved is to make them feel appreciated. Even the little things like how nice you look today or how happy you are to be together. Some call this affirmation but its also appreciation. Compliments can go a long way.

So practice these tips on how to have a successful relationship, you’ll be in one before you know it.

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