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Why More Men Are Seeking Date Coaching

Why More Men Are Seeking Date Coaching

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Why More Men Are Seeking Date Coaching

If you’ve been on a dating app or online dating site lately there are lots more women then men. We’ve written before about the reasons why this is. And likewise there have been more women looking for coaching. But that that has changed. So let’s talk about why more men are seeking date coaching.

Men too do need coaching. So why the shift ? Its too early to tell if it is just a trend based around everyone being stuck at home. Or if it is actually changing. It could be as simple as date coaching is now becoming more widely accepted. Therefore men are now coming around to it.

How do we know this is happening ? Our own Charlotte DiLuzio and Alexis Meads both report noticeable increases in coaching requests for men. We’re talking real requests, like image and first date help, not creepy how to have sex quick.

While we’re on that topic, we’ve heard that the Dating Addict may be publishing that “how to for men”. This will be a collection of how to get women on dating apps to have sex on the first date.

Back to the men’s coaching. The new Dating Coach Live has reported that over 60% of the coaching requests are from men.

Part of this is certainly convenience. If you can chat with a certified dating coach on demand at any time, that’s huge.

One of the things that makes Dating Coach Live unique is you can live chat immediately without answering any questions.

According to ‘Coach Jen’, “Most instant chat has been with men. Men like being able to just click on the chat bubble and be communicating live with a coach. I get to learn more about their situation and can help select the right coach. Other sites require answering questions or providing contact information immediately”.

So, trend or not it’s great to see the guys finally getting some coaching.  As to why more men are seeking date coaching, maybe because it has become easier.

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