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Warning For Men – Online Dating Profile Scam dating profile scam My One Amor


Warning For Men – Online Dating Profile Scam

I have been, what I hate being called, a serial dater. My One Amor likes to call me the Dating Addict. I have been on all the popular dating sites, including POF, match, eharmony, Zoosk and OkCupid. I’ll give you my personal thoughts on each of those sites in a future installment. I will say 2 of the sites work really well for me.

I still maintain an active profile on match and have noticed an interesting scam that is going on. It is easy to identify by the profile so let me give you the skinny on this.

Take a look at the profile below (Editor Note: We removed part of user name and email address).

Several things will always be consistent about this scam profile.

  1. Profile may have email address to respond to (not always)
  2. Person will always be around 30 years old
  3. VERY IMPORTANT – Will always say NEVER or I’LL TELL YOU LATER for Drinks
  4. Date range seeking will always be wide

I have replied to these several times, either via the email address or been sent an email address to reply to in first message response.

I have gotten a few to actually give me a phone number but they will usually only text.

They will usually claim to just be a visitor to the U.S. or in another country planning to come soon.

They will always be very proper and send lots of pretty pictures of their life but never naked pictures.

The communication will always result in them eventually claiming some hardship that requests you send them money.

To test one all the way, I agreed to send money one time and a woman actually called me through a local number but clearly was not local based on horrible call quality.

I have had Russians looking for husbands, Middle Eastern women claiming abuse, traveling South American women needed money to return to U.S. and even a Chinese woman asking me to come to China.

Regardless of the type of scam, the profiles are always very similar so guys BEWARE !




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