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2017 Date Coaching – What Is This All About ?

2017 Date Coaching - My One Amor


2017 Date Coaching – What Is This All About ?

There is an annual date coach and matchmaker conference coming April 26 2017. This NYC 2017 date coaching conference will be attended by matchmakers and dating coaches from all over the world. In fact 34 different countries. There was recently one in LA hosted by Jason Silver, the former CEO of the Matchmaking Institute who also held a webinar on on February 1st.

What is this all about ?

Let’s start with a place where someone can get date coaching. The “Fairy Godmother of Dating” from the Huffington Post and also resident Steve Harvey Show dating expert is Bella Gandhi. She actually runs a school named Smart Dating Academy. Bella has helped many people.

But what is it that they need help with in the first place ?

There is lots of sources of information and expert opinions that can be found by Google searches but there are certain realities to all of this and there actually are some vital things that date coaches teach.

On the most basic level, a date coach can help you feel more comfortable about those first dates. Think about if you have come out of a 20 year marriage and are now back on the dating scene. Wow, kind of scary. So the idea of 2017 date coaching sounds like it may make some sense. Sometimes its self-confidence or what to expect in today’s dating world vs decades ago. Sometimes it’s nice to talk to someone after a first date that went bad. So now you get the basic picture.

As a person who has met and dated over 300 women in the last 36 months, I can tell you some important things that women, and for that matter men, should learn. A skilled date coach may teach you some of this as well.

In my experience one of the biggest hurdles that a man or woman will run into trying to find a relationship is time commitment. Once you get past the basics of engaging in good balanced conversations, had a great first date with chemistry now the reality of time sets in.

I have talked to dozens of women personally who have told me they met a great guy, everything was perfect and then found out he wasn’t monogamous.

What went wrong ?

If you are a person, man or woman, who genuinely is seeking a committed relationship you need to put the time in. Right out of the gate, if the person you are talking to is doing a lot of texting and not a lot of talking or you are doing the same, it’s not going to work.

People who want a real relationship will make the time to talk, not just text, and on a daily basis because they want to get to know you. If you are serious, you’ll make that same time commitment too. Additionally, you’ll make the time to see someone at least twice a week and for as long of a date as possible. The more time you spend together, the better you’ll get to know who that person really is. A person who is committed puts time in and focuses on you. It also becomes very clear that the person is monogamous as their available time is focused on you and vice versa.

As a total serial dater, I prefer busy women who don’t want to talk and can’t see me all the time. This allows me to do my own thing and freedom to see other women with no real accountability.

Trust me. 2017 date coaching serves a real need in today’s dating world. After you get your personal skills and confidence built up, make sure you have the time and the person you are seeing has it too. If not, you probably won’t find a monogamous relationship or you’ll be like friends with benefits.

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