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Online Dating Truth Is Really Fake News

online dating truth is really fake news


Online Dating Truth Is Really Fake News

I have been asked by a number of friends about online dating since I have done so much of it. The question is always along the lines of “Does online dating work ?”. And people say things like, “I know someone who met the love of their life online”. Well I am sad to say online dating truth is really fake news.

First let’s just compare two different reliable sources of information  and see how dramatically different they are. The Cyber-Dating Expert, Julie Spira said in a recent article in Elite Daily that 70%-80% of people are looking for relationships. So that would make one think that online dating should work great but the Pew Research Center, in a recent article, says only 5% found relationships. Why ?

I am not going to get into the why or why not but will tell you this, after having personally messaged with over 1,000 women, spoke on the phone with over 500 and met over 325 (and counting), that they are both right. Huh ? you say.

The reality is that at least 80% of the women I have communicated with were definitely seeking a relationship but I know the vast majority of men I know, and confirmed by almost all the women I communicated with, said men do not.

I can tell you for a 100% fact that if I was actually looking for a relationship, I could literally be in one tomorrow as it is that disproportionate the number of women vs men seeking relationships. Don’t kid yourself about what anyone tells you as I am as active in this scene as anyone I have ever encountered in almost the last 4 years. The truth is it that it sucks for women. So the reality is online dating truth is really fake news.

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