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Our Choice For Best Matchmaker In South Florida

Our choice for best matchmaker in South Florida


Our Choice For Best Matchmaker In South Florida

We don’t usually rank companies or have personal choices for dating related services, but we are making an exception for South Florida, since most of us here are from there. Regular readers know that we have not even accepted any contributing stories from professional matchmakers or dating coaches for about 2 years. And we don’t do any advertising. We try to stay unbiased in every way. Having said that lets talk about our choice for Best Matchmaker in South Florida.

We were actually kind of nudged by our tech guys, who are expert SEO people, about something that they noticed regarding matchmakers and their ads in South Florida. We’re talking about areas like West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Jupiter, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach etc. We looked at it and saw a lot of what appeared to be confusing.

We also noticed a series of recent articles talking about this same area as being one of the best places to be single if you’re looking for a relationship. We thought even more the reason to maybe help clear up the confusion with some of the ads we saw.

First a quick lesson on when you search on Google what actually comes up and what it means. The top of any search comes up with paid advertising with the word “Ad” in a box appearing on the left side of the web page name (URL).

Next, depending on the search, a map appears with a list of 3 company names that are local to that area. Again, these may be marked as ads and/or appear with some reviews.

Finally, the next list is what are called the “organic” listings which are the ones that Google’s algorithms have determined are the most accurate for your search based on over 200 different criteria. That explains why about 80% of the people click on the first 4 or 5 organic listings due to their accuracy. However, that doesn’t mean that those 4 or 5 are the best but are the most relevant at any given time to your search. However, they usually do turn out to be the best choice.

Enough of the quick SEO primer and back to what we found and our choice.

What we found was that almost without exception, every matchmaker listed in South Florida for Ads or on the maps really weren’t from Florida at all !

The ones listed on the maps appeared to be shared office locations that were not staffed by people from the company. (This was easily checked by clicking on the home page of their website then the main contact page). Another giveaway was the lack of a local phone number like area code 305, 561 or 954. Most had numbers beginning with “84” or “85” or the classic “800” number.

We even found some that the names that came up on the search turned out to be a different name or company on their website. In fact, one had 3 different names and appeared in lots of cities but was really located in the Midwest.

We also eliminated from consideration the national chain people, who also didn’t have real offices in Florida. We wanted to choose someone capable of delivering real hands on local service.

After weeding through the ones who really weren’t in Florida, were not even the same company or national chains, we found a couple who truly were based in Florida. We then went to Yelp and their social media to see how people liked them. When we completed our research, only one jumped to the top out of West Palm Beach, who also has an affiliated office in New York City, with a stellar reputation there too.

Our choice for best matchmaker in South Florida is, drum roll please, Love Boss Matchmaking.

This is not a recommendation or endorsement, but an opinion based on publicly available information.

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