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Listen Up: Straight First Date Advice For Women


Listen Up: Straight First Date Advice For Women

Ladies, there are a few areas you want to keep in mind when you are on a first date.
Appearance and Hygiene
First impressions are everything. It is important that you dress appropriately for the occasion and the time of day.


– Wear a nicely fitted dress with pumps/heals, particularly if you’re meeting at a nice restaurant.

– Blow dry your hair straight, it is preferable over curly hair.

– Dress and style yourself to your greatest advantage, try to highlight your assets and avoid accentuating any “problem areas”.

– Be sure to have a fresh manicure, but if you don’t have time then make sure you clean your nails, cut and file for a nicely groomed appearance.

– Having your eyebrows shaped correctly does wonders. Over plucking and or having brows tattooed in a way that appears fake is not appealing to most men.


– Don’t dress too sexy it sends the wrong message, at the same time, you don’t want to appear as if you’re going to work.

– Too much make-up and/or using wild colors is not classy and often has an aging effect.

– Do not chew gum noisily, blow bubbles and certainly avoid snapping your gum.

Attitude and Conversation

While most people feel nervous about dating, the key is to go with an open heart, open mind and a genuine desire to have fun. I’m sure there will be times when you meet someone who is not right for you, but you should still be kind, courteous, and attentive and do your best to have a good time.


– Be sure to arrive on time.

– A great way to greet someone is with a firm handshake, a kiss on the cheek, or a warm hug.

– Don’t drink too much; usually 2 drinks is a max and for some, 1 drink is enough.

– Always be friendly to the wait staff.

– Keep your demeanor warm and positive.

– A great sense of humor goes a long way.


– Don’t compete with your date or try and one up them when mutual interests come up.

– Limit sarcastic humor as it can be easily misconstrued, especially when someone does not know you or where you’re coming from.

– Don’t brag or be conceited.

Communication and Body Language


– Ask questions but avoid making it feel like an interview.

– Keep your subjects lighthearted since you’re just meeting someone

– and getting too personal is not appropriate.

– Maintain good posture without being rigid.

– Make good eye contact and smile.


– Don’t talk about business the entire time, in fact keep “work talk” should be kept to a minimum.

– Put your cell phone away and don’t obsess over it.

– Conversation should be a give/take, so don’t dominate the conversation or interrupt while someone is speaking with you

– Let your date get to know you organically, don’t have an agenda or scripts that you go over every time you’re on a date.

– Maintain an open posture, uncross your arms and lean in.

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