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Speed Dating Singles Events Have Come And Gone

Speed Dating Singles Events Have Come And Gone


Speed Dating Singles Events Have Come And Gone

Part 2 of 3 – Investigative Report from My One Amor. Last July (14 months ago) one of our staff writers attended a Speed Dating Event in the Miami area. What he found was that there was no event and the staff of the bar didn’t seem to know anything about it. This sent us on a year-long investigation attending events in several cities. It looks like speed dating singles events have come and gone.

Let’s start again at the beginning. For those who are not familiar with Speed Dating we’ll go through the process of how it all works.

It starts with the promoter of the event running an ad, typically on Eventbrite. People looking for things to do typically use sites like Eventbrite to find events of interest. With a simple Google search of “meet singles events”, you’ll see how it works. And you’ll notice that just about every event in the list is promoting Speed Dating.

However the issue with sites like Eventbrite is they cover all events of every kind. This makes it hard to find just the true meet singles events, other than Speed Dating. (We recently launched a meet singles events listing of just actual true meet singles events. Now available in South Florida, Phoenix and Los Angeles)

Once someone finds the Speed Dating event listing, they have the option of buying a ticket in advance or paying at the door.

When attending the Speed Dating event just minimal information is required. Basically, all you need is an email address, name and to pay the admission fee. This raises some red flags as to who the attendees really may be.

Once in, you’re give a score card to rate each Speed Date you have. Sometimes the men sit in one place and the women are rotated or vice versa. Each Speed Date usually lasts about 5 minutes. At the end of the event, the promoter (or host) sees if there are any mutual likes. If so, basic information like an email address or phone number is provided to both people.

Why It looks like speed dating singles events have come and gone.

What we found at almost every event was the same story. It appears that many of these events were popular several years ago but due to just running the same event over and over again at the same venue, they have fizzled out. It’s definitely looking like speed dating singles events have come and gone.

We decided to dig in a little deeper and keep asking people in the venues what happened and why they keep running these no shows over and over again … More to come in Part 3. You don’t want to miss this eye-opening investigative story !

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