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Dating And Relationship 101 For Women Today Is Not Good

Dating And Relationship 101 For Women Today Is Not Good


Dating And Relationship 101 For Women Today Is Not Good

Its 2019 we are all so connected. Now Facebook has even gotten into the dating app business. But the sad reality is dating and relationship 101 for women today is not good. Unfortunately, its actually been this way for a while.

The good news is if you’re a woman over age 55 the prospects of finding a man are probably much better.

Its hard to say what has caused this push away from commitment or maybe even traditional relationships.

Let’s start by breaking it down by age group beginning with millennials (22-37). This is an interesting group as those below 30 seem more worried about microaggression against others than seeking a relationship. We’ve read the “I’d rather date a felon than a Trump supporter”. You get the point.

The above 30 group definitely varies by gender. It seems most women want a relationship but even that has different groups. There are those who pursue a career then want a relationship, when their biological clock is running out. And then those who had a couple of children when they were younger but now don’t have the father(s) as their significant other.

This still doesn’t explain why there are now so many more women seeking relationships when compared to men. So what happened to all the men ?

Great question. Its not that there are that many more women by sheer population numbers so what is it ?

There are lots of emerging theories. Most experts, however, don’t even acknowledge this disparity. This is unfair to single women entering the dating world.

Talk to any professional matchmaker in the U.S. or Canada, and what will they say. “I need good men”.

Talk to any dating coach and they’ll tell you that the vast majority of their clients or people requesting help are women.

So what’s the skinny on the men ? I have some ideas, or more like educated theories:

  • Some men just don’t want commitment, except when they are much older (65+). Good for those 55+ women mentioned above.
  • Men ages 40 – 55 seem to want much younger women. A lot of younger women don’t want the older guys.
  • Our society seems to be pushing the “me first and all about me” over traditional relationships for men.
  • With so many women available, men don’t want to commit to just one.
  • Many women are single moms. Some men don’t want an instant family.
  • Good men are already in relationships. With so many women seeking relationships, it’s not hard to find one.
  • Maybe a growing number have come out of the closet (as they used to say) and are no longer looking for women.
  • There are less good men. More men have criminal records compared to women.

I don’t have all the answers to this, but it is the reality of today. Please don’t shoot the messenger here.

And if anyone tells you its not this way. I call bull shit. There is no doubt in my mind that the dating and relationship 101 for women today is not good.

And ladies if you really want a relationship, I’d definitely recommend a professional matchmaker or dating coach. Even this may be difficult as many of the matchmakers now will not take women as paying clients.

Final thought. Ladies get coached because if you happen to find a good man you don’t want to blow it. And if you think you’re all that, get over yourself, men don’t like that, and you’ll just be single that much longer.


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