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Women Read This: 7 Straight Forward Online Dating Tips

7 Online Dating Tips My One Amor


Women Read This: 7 Straight Forward Online Dating Tips

Online dating can be time-consuming and frustrating especially when you have so many other things going on in your life. But the thought of meeting that special someone in your life is not something you should give up at any age and let’s face it online dating is a great way to achieve that goal. The key is to be efficient when you embark on the online dating platforms. Be sure to put your best foot forward and stay committed for at least six months of effective online dating to meet your match.

Here are seven tips that women should heed when using online dating platforms to expedite meeting that special someone.

  1. You need great pictures! Men want to see a full body shot, not just a headshot. Otherwise, they assume that you’re hiding something about your body! If you have curves show them, there are plenty of men who love them.
  1. Your profile should be upbeat, descriptive, concise with a unique “about me” including a call to action or question at the end so men can use this as a conversation starter.
  1. If you rarely respond to messages, your ranking goes down! Try to answer everyone even if it’s to say, “thanks but no thanks”.
  1. Update your profile often, which can fool the online platform algorithm into thinking that your profile is new.
  1. When you respond to messages, make sure your response is about the same amount of words as his message. If he writes, two sentences, don’t respond with three long paragraphs. Draft a reply, then edit your response, so you’re not oversharing or taking the lead. Emails are the same as if sitting in front of your date. The conversation should be about equal.
  1. Don’t become a pen pal, 1-3 emails should lead to a phone call, and 1-3 calls should result in a meeting. The sooner you meet in person, the greater your chances of connecting with him before another suggested profile pops up on his radar.
  1. Be sure to meet in a public location and exercise safe online dating.

by Arlene Vasquez Washburn, Certified Matchmaker, Dating & Relationship Coach and CEO of the Matchmaking Institute in New York City

Originally published on Edited by My One Amor

We will be publishing a point vs counter point from our own Dating Addict in the near future !!



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