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Women Date Bad Boys And Guys Want Crazy Women

Women date bad boys and guys want crazy women


Women Date Bad Boys And Guys Want Crazy Women

We hear from many readers, and also from our technical guys, Blue Island Digital (see below), about people who are having trouble finding love. It seems the more normal they are, the more difficult time they are having. Is it that women date bad boys and guys want crazy women ? This seems to be especially true when it comes to people meeting via online dating or other social media. Well as it turns out there may be some science here in that heterosexual people with pathological personalities have better success finding mates. Even the online dating site / app, Zoosk did a story about women who want bad boys.

Our own Dating Addict, serial dater extraordinaire, tells us similar tales about the most loving caring women being, in his words, “psycho”.  Not like the Bates Motel but more like hang on every word or always seem afraid of something or something always triggers a bad memory of what an ex did to them, etc. What is happening or has this always been the case ?

Rapper Wale in his song, “Passive Aggress-Her,” says, “My homegirl told me I have an issue with women with issues. Maybe it’s cause I have my own, and we can relate.” So is that simple that we have issues so we actually are attracted to people with issues ? Lots to ponder, I guess.

So at the end of the day it actually has nothing to do with sex but maybe it is all about natural selection or preservation of the species or maybe just shit happens for no damn reason. So I guess women date bad boys and guys want crazy women.

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