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Speed Dating Is Alive And Well For 2018

Speed dating is alive and well for 2018
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Speed Dating Is Alive And Well For 2018

How can you learn about a person in 4 or 5 minutes ? We’ve all heard about speed dating, visions of going from table to table meeting different people. Most of us thought it was a thing of the past with the popularity of apps like Tinder and Match but think again. Speed dating is alive and well for 2018.

Look no further than a quick search on Eventbrite and you’ll see lots of events in major cities, literally almost weekly ! So back to the how can you learn about a person in 4 or 5 minutes.

For one thing, you see the person and hear their voice. This eliminates the whole initial catfish problem and you can hear if the person can put two sentences together when speaking or not. One of the biggest complaints is people always wanting to text and never wanting to talk before they meet. This also eliminates the awkward stuck in a bad first date issues.

But, you are back to really not knowing anything about the person at all and bases a lot on first impressions. Anyone who has done a fair amount of online dating knows that there are a lot of people who base way too much on physical appearance. The popularity of speed dating seems to underscore that physical appearance is very important to many people.

The positive side of speed dating is that its efficient. You get to see and meet a number of people in one place at one time. It is also inexpensive. For a cost of about $25 you can attend most events. Some event promoters will even refund your money or offer a credit for a future event if you don’t find anyone that interests you at all.

In major cities many events are broken down in different groups of people like gay, Jewish, etc. There are also several companies who sponsor events all over the U.S. The two largest are Relish and MyCheekyDate.

The actual process is simple. Usually the ladies are seating and the men move about the room. You use a score card that is handed back in at the end of the event. If someone on your scorecard and another person’s scorecard both show interest you are notified via email that you have a match. The event promoter will provide you with the first name and email address of the person. You take it from there.

I personally have never experienced it but can relate to the time savings and efficiency of the process. If you find someone who seems interesting and they have interest in you then that is a start. Hopefully both of you will make the time to try to get to know each other and see. As with any form of online dating or dating app, you’ll find out in time.

Speed dating is alive and well for 2018. Good luck and tell us what you think !

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