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OMG More Bad First Date Ideas Again From Dating Experts

OMG more bad first date ideas again from dating experts
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OMG More Bad First Date Ideas Again From Dating Experts

It seems like a topic that never ends here. What is a bad first date idea. We just did a revisit to the topic less than 3 months ago but here we go again. All I can say is OMG more bad first date ideas again from dating experts.

Our own Dating Addict has his own agenda, but I think is spot on with his first date ideas. I actually met the man I am marrying from a dating app and our first date was for a drink at a bar. Now 2 years later we live together and are getting married. Yeah !!

I do spend a fair amount of time communicating with women and men who are having trouble with dating. Not to mention, have many single friends who are also actively dating. I went through a lot of bad first dates, so I definitely can speak from plenty of first-hand experience. I get it, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to dating but I can call bull shit on bad first date ideas.

In my work I also deal with a lot of dating coaches and matchmakers. Most seem to give pretty good advice but every now and then one writes about something that I totally disagree with and I can say our contributing serial dater feels the same way. He and I don’t agree on everything, but we do on this.

Again, if you are not out there actively dating, I question how relevant someone is to today’s ever-changing dating landscape and maybe shouldn’t be giving advice anyway.

This latest round of bad advice came from a matchmaker at a well-respected company, Three Day Rule, and was published in Men’s Health. You can’t blame the publication as they are just publishing what the “expert” is saying.

According to this matchmaker here are 6 ideas for a first date. I’ll tell you right below each one what I think. And, ladies you can be the judge.

  1. Go to the beach
  • Really, no self-respecting woman I know wants to show herself in a swimsuit to a strange man you’re meeting for the first time. Perfect date if you want to make a guy sexually stimulated.
  1. Visit a local tourist attraction
  • I guess it’s great if you live near Disney but who wants to be walking around with a bunch of tourists and kids on a first date.
  1. Hit up a free night at the museum.
  • That’ll impress a girl, some free tickets to a museum. Don’t forget the $4 value meal coupons for Burger King after that exciting time.
  1. Do a home-cooked meal
  • OMG how irresponsible is this one ! Lets take a totally strange man to our home or worse yet, his house on a first date. Can you spell Roofalin ?
  1. Head to the park and watch the sunset
  • Perfect a dark place alone from other people with a strange man. Make sure you keep someone within yelling distance and don’t forget to bring that keychain mace or taser.
  1. Have a picnic in the park
  • Perfect, lets have some food that we have no idea of its origin. Reminds me of leaving a drink unattended at a bar and don’t forget the roofies.

Again, all I can say is OMG more bad first date ideas again from dating experts who should stop giving advice as someone might actually listen. Yikes..

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