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Part 16 – Meeting 3 Women In One Night And It Worked Out

Meeting 3 women In one night and it worked out


Part 16 – Meeting 3 Women In One Night And It Worked Out

I have actually taken a lot of criticism from people when I mentioned having met more than one woman in a single day. The realty is not quite as crazy as you may think. Meeting 3 women in one night and it worked out is possible. There was a couple of recent stories of someone meeting 6 women in one night.

Regardless of your choice of dating app, Facebook or Instagram, there are lots of singles looking to meet. The advantage of a dating app is that the people on there are also looking to meet for something more than casual friendship. Some don’t know, some want sex and some want relationships.

If you work the dating apps or online dating sites, like I do, you will find yourself messaging lots of people. I usually try to get the phone number as fast as possible as I want to meet women, and yes, it does turn out to be for sex most of the time. However, a lot of people want to have a quick meeting sometimes just to see how the person actually really looks and to see if there is an immediate physical chemistry.

My personal choice is to talk a few times, try to get to know the person a little and maybe even video chat before we meet. This is good because the likelihood of sex on the first date is greater. Having said that, there are still lots of women I have encountered that want to meet quickly before they want to invest time in getting to know someone more. So now you may be getting the picture of how you could meet multiple people on a single day.

I am like most people in that I work during the week and have weekends off. Although I meet women during the week as well as weekends, I have more available time on weekends.

Like I said before, I prefer to get to know a person a little before I meet them and have written about this before. See article of how to handle meeting someone online.

So as it turns out more times than not, these same women who want to have a quick meeting right away also have more time available on weekends. What I do is schedule multiple meetings in a single day in the same area at different places allowing about 2 hours per meeting. Now you can see how it is possible to meet multiple people on one day as they are all people that want short first meetings. I wouldn’t even call them dates.

But here’s the other problem that has now happened to me 4 times; it is when you meet someone for an intended short meeting and you both are crazy physically attracted to each other or really hit if off and decide right then to spend more time together.

I pissed off a couple of women big time who actually were on their way to meet when I bailed because I decided to extend the meeting I was already having. Or you are trying to rush the end of a meeting and a woman senses it. despite the fact that everything seems to be going well. I had a couple accuse me of being married or just got pissed and walked out. Lots of things can go wrong. Then there is the whole trying to text someone while you with another person who is paying very close attention to you.

And multiple times, the 2 or 3 I met on the same day, I wound up seeing again.

So meeting 3 women in one night and it worked out is possible and it has happened for me. But when one meeting gets extended you can lose the opportunity to meet the one you cancel on. I have found that most people you cancel on with short notice, don’t give you a second chance.

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